The SageDesign Team

At SageDesign, we’re more than a landscape architecture firm; we’re a community partner dedicated to enriching lives through thoughtful, sustainable design. Join us in our journey to create spaces that inspire, connect, and endure.

Sage Design: Your community partner in sustainable landscape architecture in Wilmington.
Sara Burroughs. Sage Design: Southeastern NC’s partner in thoughtful and sustainable landscapes.


As the Owner of SageDesign, Sara Burroughs brings over 25 years of professional experience to the SageDesign team.

She specializes in creating community spaces in parks, recreation, and greenways across the East Coast.

The SageDesign Team focuses on collaboration and creativity to ensure our products meet the client’s vision and serve the community.

Sara and the Team at SageDesign are users of our incredible Parks and Civic Spaces. We are excited to get outside with you.