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Done through creative quality planning services, creating visions for years to come. Implementation to activate your projects and spaces.

Landscape Architecture. SageDesign's xeriscape garden design conserving water in arid regions
Park and Greenways. SageDesign's rooftop garden enhancing urban green space

Park and Greenways

  • Systems Plans
  • Parks and Greenways Master Planning and Design
  • Activated Spaces
  • Grants


  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Listening
  • Communication
Community. SageDesign's outdoor classroom design with eco-friendly materials

Why Choose SageDesign


With years of experience in the field, we have the expertise to handle projects of all sizes and complexities.


Our experience allows us to creatively approach projects. Rather than seeing a space through the lens of opportunities and constraints, we highlight ways these perceived constraints become site opportunities.


Your success is our top priority. We listen closely and strive to bring a streamlined vision and voice throughout the planning and design process.

What our clients are saying

SageDesign demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, and experience throughout the multiple projects we’ve worked on together. They brought to our project the ability to deeply understand and represent the unique character of our community. Their commitment to thorough research and community engagement ensured that the plans they developed were both innovative and feasible. This personalized approach set their work apart from the more generic, one-size-fits-all planning documents often encountered. SageDesign’s dedication to creating a plan that truly reflected our community’s identity was invaluable to the success to both our Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan and Site Specific Master Plan.
SageDesign’s Strengths: One of the key strengths SageDesign brought to our project was their comprehensive knowledge of PARTF grant funding. Their expertise in ensuring our planning documents were compliant with grant scoring criteria, along with their assistance in grant writing, was instrumental in our successful acquisition of funds.

Town of Mills River

Working with SageDesign is simply a pleasure. Whether a complicated design project, or a simple planting layout, Sage always puts the client first. They are attentive and responsive, consistently delivering high-quality products that meet our expectations.
SageDesign’s Strengths: Flexibility. Working with SageDesign on many projects over the years, each one has had their own constraints and priorities. Whether the challenge is timeframe, budget, appearance or constructability, Sage quickly identifies the client’s priorities and helps them navigate constraints to get to a positive outcome for every project.

City of Jacksonville